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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:17 pm

~General Rules~

1. No Spam
2. You may not double post
3. Respect Everyone
4. Be honest
5. Only allowed to have 1 account
6. No harsh language (cussing and sexual language)


Good or Evil:
Main Attribute:
Bakugan Guardian: Bakugan's max g-power of 900 Gs
Other Bakugan: Choose 2 more bakugan with 800 Gs or less
Battle Gear: Choose one battle gear equal to 200gs
Ability Cards: Need 9 common, 5 fusion, 1 special
Gate Cards: Need 10

~Battle Rules~

1. A battle can be between 2 players or 2 on 2. (does not apply in Role-Play Zone, but if a battle has started no one who is outside of the battle can enterfere).
2. The player with lowest wins starts the first turn. If both are the same, then whoever wants starts.
3. The first turn is started with one player who throws an Gate card and bakugan on the field.
4. Then he/her throws out a Bakugan and or Gate Card.
5. Then the next player throws out his/her Bakugan and so on until 1 Bakugan from each player are on the card.
6. Then the two players bakugan must battle.
7. Now players take turns activating ability cards if they want.
8. Only 3 cards can be activated per battle, which means, player 1 activates a card, player 2 activates a card, player 1,player 2,player 1,player 2,player and thats it.When 3 cards are activated by each player,they cant activate any more until they start a new battle.
9. Double-Ability (activate 2 cards at once) can be used when your bakugan in the battle if your bakugan has 300G or more.
10. A Triple-Ability can only be used once in a match.
11. When the battle ends,the bakugan with the highest G power wins.
12. Players can use a max of 20 ability cards per brawl.
13. Players can have max of 3 Bakugan and 1 battle gear.
14. A second Bakugan can be thrown in battle (counts as an ability card used)(battle gear don't count.)
15. YOU CAN'T FORFIT WHILE IN BATTLE.You can only do it while its your turn or when a battle hasn't started.
16. You have 7 days to respond to your battle, if not then you loose.
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